Violin Duos by Vladimir Bodunov


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He did (Vladimir Bodunov) many differents arrangements for two violins ,violin and cello, violin and viola, violin and singing saw, singing saw and viola, etc... and have played some of them under the project name  "Duo Divites"  until 2019.

Present moment he has changed the name of the Project and he continuous to play own compositions and his own arrangements under the name : Violin Duos by Vladimir Bodunov. (2019-Present Days)

At the moment I'm looking for a suitable violinist to continue this project. If you thinking that you have interest to be a very good part  of my project ;) -i waiting for your call...


"Violin Duets by Vladimir Bodunov"


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We would be very happy to have my violin duo perform at your event.

We are willing to play at concerts as well as private events.

You can call me and we will create a suitable program for the format of your event.



The violin duo program consists mainly of my own arrangements.
Some of them have already been published as sheet music and audio and video recordings.

We perform music on 2 violins, violin and viola, violin and singing saw, viola and singing saw.

Experience of different kinds of events in many countries around 30 years.



  1.  Georg Philipp Telemann Gulliver Suite 
  2.  Pachelbel Canon
  3.  A.Vivaldi Concerto grosso in d-moll
  4. W.A.Mozart Eine Kleine Nacht Musik.
  5. J.Strauss Fairy Tales of the Vienna Forest
  6. Erbarme Dich mein Gott J.S. Bach
  7.  Smells like teen spirit- Nirvana
  8. Summer A.Vivaldi
  9. Adagio T. Albinoni
  10. J.S. Bach Piano Concerto 5 , 2 mov.  
  11. Winter A.Vivaldi
  12. Adagio B.Marcello
  13. Octobre P.I.Tchaikovsky
  14. Meditation Thais J. Massenet
  15. Spring A.Vivaldi
  16. J.S.Bach Menuet und Badinerie
  17. La Gazza Ladra G.Rossini
  18. Santa Lucia
  19. An der schönen blau Donau  J.Strauss
  20. Serenade J. Haydn
  21. The Prayer D.Foster
  22. Ouverture und Aria from Opera Magic flute W.A.Mozart
  23. Adagio from Concerto for clarinet 2 mov. Mozart
  24. A.Vivaldi Concerto for 2 violins a-moll 1 mov.
  25. Can-Can J.Offenbach
  26. Ouverture zur Operette Die Fledermaus J.Strauss
  27. Time to say Goodbye  F.Sartori
  28. Fragment from the Overture Il Barbiere di Siviglia G.Rossini
  29. Chocolate or Minor Swing D. Reinhardt 
  30. Funicular  L.Denza
  31. Guillaume Tell Ouverture Final G.Rossini
  32. New York-New York F.Sinatra
  33. Hora Staccato G.Dinicu
  34. Oblivion A.Piazzolla 
  35. Theme from Schindler,s List J.Williams 
  36. Carmen Concert Fantasy Bizet-Sarasate (?) 
  37. Spring A.Piazzolla
  38. Inspiration V.Bodunov
  39. Winter A.Piazzolla
  40. Oblivion A.Piazzolla
  41. Arrival of the queen of Sheba G.Handel
  42. A.Schnittke Tango in a Madhouse
  43. Happy Birthday
  44. Swan C.Saint-Saens
  45. Cavatina Figaro G.Rossini
  46. Air J.S.Bach
  47. Toccata und Fuge in d-moll J.S.Bach
  48. Ouverture Hochzeit des Figaro W.A.Mozart
  49. 2 Cows V.Bodunov
  50. Lord of the Dance
  51. Somewhere over the Rainbow 
  52. Das ist Unser Tag
  53. La vie en Rose
  54. Tango from Scent of Woman
  55. Wedding March Wagner
  56. Hymn LAmoure E.Piaf
  57. G. Verdi Brindisi



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2set violins play "Inspiration" by V.Bodunov

A.Schnittke - V.Bodunov : Tango in a Madhouse.

V.Bodunov "The adventures of two brave and bold grasshoppers."

(from Animal Tales) (for 2 Violins)


Gioachino Rossini - Vladimir Bodunov : The Barber Of Seville - Overture (Fragments) for 2 violins

                                       Antonio Vivaldi Winter 1. und 2. Satz arr. V.Bodunov