"Myself" for "Myself" : The Sun and The Moon.

If you would like to purchase one or more of the items below and thereby support my creativity, for which I thank you profusely!
Please email me with the number of items you would like, and your desired shipping address for the items you have ordered.
After calculating the cost of postage as well as the cost of the items themselves, I will send you an email reply with the final price.
After your payment via paypal, please send me a confirmation of payment to my email.


Upon receipt of payment confirmation, I will send you all the items you want by post.
I am not responsible for the postal organizations.
If you have any difficulties with the delivery of the items sent to you, please deal with the post office at your delivery address.
Thank you for your understanding and I apologize for the fact that sometimes these services work in a peculiar mode.

1)   "Big" cotton bag with logo:


Size: 20,3cm/20,3cm + the height of the handle

Price : 100€ +Post costs


2) An image printed on aluminum.
can be put up or hung on the wall or in nature;)


an image printed on aluminum.
The backdrop is white
can be put up or hung on the wall or in nature
size: height 90,4cm width 60,4cm
without holes and without fixing on the back surface

Price : 1300€ +Post costs


3) Mouse pad with logo


mouse pad with logo
size: height 20,2cm,width 24,2cm.
black back cover

Price : 50€ +Post costs