Vladimir                                                                Bodunov                                                                                                                                  

Duo Divites

Violin Duo Divites interprets the masterpieces of classical and other musical literature. Duo Divites consist of prizewinner of international music competition: Marta Danilkovich and arranger Vladimir Bodunov.They not only playing together for many years, but are also a couple.Violin Duo Divites is characterized by a perfect interplay as well as a voluminous, velvety sound.   In addition, there is sufficient experience in concert life, on the stages of Europe and in the various private events. Violins Duo Divites ignites the audience, gives joy and unforgettable impressions!



"Noch einmal Violinduos ganz anderes Art: der weissrussische Geiger Vladimir Bodunov ist mit diesem Duos mit seiner Partnerin Marta Danilkovich ebenfalls auf Youtube zu hoeren. Heute muss man nicht mehr die Katze im Sack kaufen,sondern kann sich vorher ein Bild machen,ob mann das entsprechende Werk brauchen und kaufen kann."


(Europenian String Teachers Assotiation 02.october 2014)


"Une succession de neuf arranges par Vladimir Bodunov pour deux violons. Musicien polyvalent du Belarus,Bodunov se produit dans toute l,Europe en tant que solist, en orchestre et en particulier en duo avec son epouse Marta Danilkovich."
(Crescendo Magazin Belgium 18.07.2013)




"Vladimir was a man of music his hands transcend any melody.
It was something like, listen to a shy murmur a soft Water spring when the timid violinist
marked out, with an olympic fire, the strong or soft note on the fragile and transparent string of his violin.



Marta was like seeing a dove playing with the breeze, it was a butterfly, song or musical rose that became a sacred and neat violin melody.
I poor poet, like a delicate leaf of autumn
I felt floating in my verses, it was as if they were taking me to new worlds, where my verse took a strong hold and sang
Along with their violins melodies of yesterday, today and tomorrow's.



Vladimir was a prince, He held his violin as a standard of war.



Martha was the beautiful Venus
Made of foam and as a scepter
Radiant and luminous carries a dramatic Violin 🎻



A magical day I heard them perform Bach in a joint and fantastic melody.
And it was the awakening of my soul 
The strength of my blood flow and my heart in calm.



And it was then that I learned that at that time their two violins spoke of Bach and my pen described the majesty and portentousness of their talent. 



With all my Love ❤️ Admiration and respect for the two of you.



Marta Danilkovich
And Vladimir Bodunov."



Written explicit for the two of you by José Alfaro



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