Composer Vladimir Bodunov

"It is very interesting for me to work in different styles of music and also to combine them in one particular work together, for example using classical, modern, alternative, experimental techniques together, and at the same time realize specific conceptual ideas of a single work, with the most suitable for this particular idea ,-musical material.Therefore, the hierarchy of musical styles for me simply does not exist. If a classic modern style of writing is suitable for a particular idea, it is wonderful, but if for another idea is suitable for example rap or metal - it's also fine."


DESTINY'S DOOR : H.Zimmer-V. Bodunov

For contest by Hans Zimmer "Bleeding Fingers":


  Breath  :  V.Bodunov-D.Vorobiev

                  V.Bodunov - Reflection and Conclusion (1998) live for piano and violin

"Funeral procession of Belarus culture"

"Do you love me?" -Minimusical

"Do you love me?" -  V.Bodunov, full soundtrack

"The City-3" - V. Bodunov - D.Vorobiev- A. Ballash

"The Violin Drivers" - Demo video, live.

D.Vorobiev-V.Bodunov  live - "edges which is no more"

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