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Vladimir Bodunov


Vladimir is a man of music transcending the melody! He is the prince wielding his violin as a triumphant standard. (Jose Alfaro)Das Orchester (November 2014)
European String Teachers Association (October 2014) Crescendo Magazyn, Belgium (July 2013)
Have commendations of originality and innovation.A native of Mogilev in Belarus, young Vladimir Bodunov  (Uladzimir Badunou) commenced his musical career at the age of 6 at the Minsk Music Primary School where he received tuition in music theory, choir and violin playing.In 1990, at the age of 9, Vladimir performed as part of ensemble (violin), Belarus folk music in Germany most notably attended by the the Deputy Chancellor of Germany.While studying at the College of Music he was an active member of the chamber orchestra performing the classical repertoire under the baton of Vladimir Rodov.He graduated in 2000 from the Music College with diploma in violin performance and composition, playing several of his own compositions performed at competitions.Vladimir was awarded a Diploma as the winner of the 6t h International Semenyako composition competition. He also earned a special commendation at the competition for creative research and was awarded first prize of the competition in the category “Music of Hope”.The television station in Mogilev broadcast his composition “Battle of insects” for string quartet.Vladimir joined the rock group “Laus Deo” in which he played the violin and piano, and recorded the album "Your Love". He actively toured and participated in a rock festival "Protyag" in the Ukraine. At the same time he played in different bands in Mogilev as an invited violinist. Hits included "Games of Patriots",and "Intersection".In 2000 he enrolled in the Belarusian State Academy of Music (Higher School of Music). As an entrance examination requirement Vladimir performed his own composition "Reflection and conclusion" for violin and piano.During his studies he was the concertmaster of the Symphony Orchestra"Young Belarus", in which he was an active member concertizing in Belarus and Germany. Thereafter he worked in the State Philharmonic Orchestra, State Opera House for Opera and Ballet, and Orchestra State Institutional Chapel, “ Sonorus".From 2006 until 2009 he was part of a famous folk-rock group “ Pesnyary" as a violinist. The group was well known throughout the Soviet Union. The group toured severalcountries including, Belarus, Ukraine, Israel, Tajikistan, and Russia/Moskauer Kremlin where they performed in the biggest venues, stadiums and TV stations.
See: http://www.pesnyary.com.Vladimir founded a violinduo"DuoDivites” (2009) with his wife Marta Danilkovich. He has arranged original compositions for 2 violins, their trademark, regularly performing them.The Duo has played concerts in several countries; Belarus, Luxembourg, I taly, France, Germany (Musikmesse Frankfurt am Main, Bad Nauheim Kurkonzerte, Wetzlar Phantastische Bibliothek, Fränkischer Abend (Frankonia Night)), Heidelberg Augustinum, Frankfurt aM Schloss Residence Mühlberg, Sommerach- Annadora Diller-Köninger, München Tertianum Residenz, Bad Pyrmont Kursana Residenz, Nürnberg St.Klara Kirche, Frankfurt aM, Zentralbibliothek Stadtbücherei),More info: http://duodivites.comAs the founder of "The Violin Drivers" Vladimir is the violinist,singing saw player and composer! His own original music spans several genres: the progressive crossover metal style earned the band the title of the best band in Hessen (2015) .The Violin Drivers have played concerts in Berlin,Luxembourg,Frankfurt am Main, Mainz, Erlangen,Edingen-Neckarhausen,Wetzlar, Heidelberg,Wickstadt Kunstfest, Seligenstadt, Rüsselsheim, Uffenheim , Aschaffenburg, Schwä bisch Hall, Nürnberg, Baden-Baden, Wiesbaden , and Mosbach.They are currently recording their debut album "Force of energy" with their original compositions.
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In the publishing arena Vladimir has published 4 books of his arrangements for 2 violins and for violin and viola. These can be found at: https://www.barenreiter.com/suche/schnellsuche/query/Vladimir%20Bodunov%20/Together with Dmitrij Vorobiev (Mechanical Oranges) the group is working on a recording of music for guitar, violin, and percussion. They have also recorded 2 albums with rock-group "Mechanical oranges".In 2009 Vladimir founded the "Pan-Quartet" , consisting of 2 violins, clarinet and cello. Their performances have been broadcast on local media television more than once. The Pan-quartet played at the opening of the Children's Philharmonic Hall in Minsk and other charitable events.Vladimir composed the music for a clip of Anna Ballash "The City-3” and the following year, the music for a clip "Do you love me?". Together with Daniel Pain (Germany) recorded strings for single "Wave Goodbye".Since 2013 Vladimir and Marta Danilkovich have been living and working in Germany as freelance musicians.Vladimir has worked in numerous orchestras such as Philharmonie der Nationen-Justus Franz, (Berlin Philarmonie, Prix Montblanc,Würt Festival, ets.), Heidelberger Kantaten Orchester, Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt, die Merck Philharmonie, Frankfurter Sinfoniker, Russian Chamber Philharmonic of St. Petersburg, PrimArte Orchester, Kurorchester Bad Nauheim)He has undertaken numerous tours with the orchestra playing concerts at – the Cannes Filmfestival (2014); Chamber Philharmonic of St. Petersburg, Neue Philharmonie Frankfurt (Performing on the same stage with Daniel Wirtz, Adel Tawil, Johannes Oerding, Angelo Kelly, Peter Maffay, Max Mutzke, Enrique Ugarte Rilke Projekt-Band, Grammygewinner Paul McCandless , Guinness Book of World Records in Frankfurt am Main with 7,548 musicians , and toured with David Garrett.)Vladimir has taken part in several shows: Das Supertalent TV (2017), Toured with Robert La Rosch -2017 ( USA ,Texas) Acoustic Trio, guitar, bass, violin parts all composed by himself.In 2017 he released the music video clip with original own music entitled: "Breath". (video producer, violin,percussion).Other activities include:2016-2017-Concerts on Cruise Ships with Trio (2 violins and Guitar-La Strada) Concerts on Europe deluxe River Ships-violin show (as violin solo)Presently working on a composition for 2 violins and chamber orchestra, Organ concert, “Espoire” for camera orchestra with solo instruments, 4 seasons for violin solo, opera "4 flying umbrellas", voice for violin and symphonic orchestra, and working on new arrangements or Duo Divites, new compositions for "The Violin Drivers " and debut album "The Force of Energy", with Tristan Eck http://eckton.de/, working under the order -like arranger, violinist and composer.